Misfortunes in Life (12/25/2014; Thursday; 11:24 pm)

???????????????????????????????As I am reflecting at the ship going to Iloilo, I asked myself; why misfortunes in life is inevitable even though you are really so careful in carrying out your plans and your actions towards an activity or a circumstantial opportunity in your day-to-day struggle?  Being irritated with so many misfortunes that we encounter in life is what we hate most.  We want to sure that everything is okay with according to our plans but it’s not the will of God to us.  In every smooth-sailing flows of plans and activities in life there’s always misfortunes that we will meet along our journey towards success, contentment, and stability.  Sometimes why our life is so rude?  Why it cannot be according to our expectations, view and desires?

We describe misfortunes as something negative and antisocial because the word itself could testify that it is something unpleasant and horrible.  But, if there are no misfortunes in life, what will be the stature of our lives; stable? Fulfilled? Contented? Or Perfect?  I think it will never be like these if there are no misfortunes in life.  Misfortune in life teaches us the real meaning and reason why we must love our lives.  Life will never be something precious and valuable if there are no misfortunes and struggles.  Yes, we hate to experience of misfortunes and struggles in life, but this is what it means, to live in authenticity.  Living with misfortunes in life is like taking an examination in order for us to see whether we are living with honesty, sincerity, and in the fullest or not.  Why we let fear to succumb us to accept the misfortunes in our life, if it is one of the means in order for us to walk through the right way.  Misfortunes in life are the best teachers as we seek for the real meaning in life.

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