The Wisdom of Epiphany

EpiphanyThey were overjoyed at seeing the Star…When they saw the Child with Mary his mother, they prostrated themselves and did him homage.

As I reflected upon the gospel for today, I asked myself; what’s in the Child that made the three Magi prostrated themselves and did homage to him?  Today is the Solemnity of the Lord’s Epiphany.  “Epiphany” means manifestations.  The manifestation of Jesus’ birth is intended not only for the people of Israel, but also for all nations represented by the Magi.  It means to say, the manifestation of the Child Jesus to the three Magi is very relevant for all of us.  The Lord’s Epiphany shows to us that there are no great leaders, principalities, righteous persons, wise people, royalties, and influential celebrities that could surpass His greatness and revelation that shines forth on everyone and shares salvation for all.  But, there’s one thing that makes the Lord’s Epiphany inspiring, stirring, stimulating, and motivating, i.e. though He was in the form of God, He was born in the manger.  I consider this phenomenon in Jesus’ birth as one of the climactic and impressive scene that made the three Magi moved into joy and contentment.  This is what makes the Child Jesus as the Star for the three Magi.  Definitely, He is really a wonder-child not because of His cuteness and cuddliness, but because of the Truth that He revealed to the learned and wise.

Today, we are like King Herod who always asks this question; “Where is the newborn king of the Jews?”  We are fond of asking where He is, but we don’t risk and seek in order to find Him.  We tend to say into our lips the willingness for letting God to rule our lives, but we don’t put into action the willingness inside our hearts and lips because we are afraid to let go of our comfort zones for the sake of God’s mercy and compassion.  So, we remained indifferent and ignorant about the immensity of God’s love into our lives until now. Instead to be acceded by the Truth, we let our hearts to be misled and enticed by the shallowness of this world; and worst, we consider them as lords.  Who is the real Lord?  The one who gains the more likes in Facebook?  The one who have a lot of followers in Twitter?  The one who sits in the throne of the government who controls everything even the media?  The one who proclaims himself/herself as the richest? The one who declares himself as royal?   Or the One who is born in the manger, humbled Himself though He was the Son of God and in the form of God?  May the Lord’s manifestation be our inspiration and motivation as we do our best to let Him overtake our hearts.

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