Straightening and Strengthening Crooked Lines (My New Year’s Reflection)

Fireworks-2015-New-Year-text-designChanges in life, New Me, Prosperity, Long Life, Good Health, and Good Luck; these are prayers/wishes that trends today as we wait for the coming of the New Year.  We want something good for 2015 so we hope for new, pleasing, and perfect.

 As I wait for the year 2015, I cannot but reminisce and look back what I experienced this 2014 as it faces its final curtain. I would say 2014 for me has been great despite the challenges I’ve encountered. My life in 2014 was a mixture of joys and sadness. There had been unfinished businesses, but though I wasn’t able to accomplish those things, I would still continue to struggle for their accomplishment this 2015.

As 2015 starts and as I also commence my journey this year, I resolve to   this make the crooked lines of 2014 experiences be straighten.  2014 for me is a year of letting go and moving on.  Now, this 2015 is a year of firmness and courage for me as I go back to the basic and as I face another opportunity and challenge of life.  Also, 2015 calls me to be more productive and persevering as I also face the crucial face of my vocation journey.  As I enter a new chapter of my life and as I watch the fireworks in the sky welcoming the New Year, I silently pray to God—

Lord, thank you for the year 2014.  I admit that what I experienced in 2014 were crookedness and challenges, but I am still thankful for those experiences because I become more courageous and strong in facing life’s challenges.  Thank you for everything Lord.  Thank you for showering your graces on me even though I am not worthy to receive those graces.  Now 2015 mark the calendar; help me to straighten the every crookedness that I encounter in my life.  Help me to be more courageous in facing struggles and challenges with joy in my heart.  Help me to be ready for change as I also persevere in changing my old ways and habits.  As I welcome the year 2015 into my life, may you always guide me to see the brighter side of my journey towards happiness and contentment.  Make me Lord the channel of your love this 2015 as I also struggle to seek the real meaning of love into my life.  Amen.       

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