#tidbitsforChristmas (Wish List)

christmas-wish-listAs Christmas is fast-approaching, we cannot but speak about our wishes and dreams for Christmas.  Some would like to receive something new like gadgets, clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.  Others would like just to receive a good amount of money and keep it in order that they may be able to use it for procuring and purchasing what is indicated on their wish lists.  Now that we are preoccupied of thinking, obtaining, and wishing for good gifts this Christmas, there’s one thing that we need to consider as we joyfully wait for the coming of the Lord, i.e. our own wish list for Jesus.

What is our gift for Jesus?  As I reflect upon this question today I feel so uneasy and sad.  For the past Christmases I’ve failed to give my gift to Jesus, i.e. myself.  I easily lose focus on what is necessary and get preoccupied with secondary entities in life.  Every Christmas I always say, “Yes Lord!  I will change my old self into a new self” but even as I put into actions the promises I made to God during Christmas, I fail to make it.  Now Christmas is near and it’s the same old story as I wait for the coming of Baby Jesus.  But, as I ease myself with the uneasiness and sadness that I feel, I realize that God is still patient with me.  Yes, I always fail Him by my inability to show that I am changing and serious on His callings, reminders, and invitations. But for Him it is not a big deal as long as He sees me persevering, hoping, and eagerly patient on welcoming and befriending the changes and newness in my life.  And for Him, that’s already a great gift which comes from my brokenness and shortcomings.

While that we are excited to receive gifts this Christmas, let us not forget our gift/s for the Child Jesus.  For me, my simple gift for the Child Jesus is the same: myself.  Sounds ordinary yet significant. Why?  Because I believe giving ourselves as gift for the Child Jesus this Christmas is not about bragging about the best gift that we could give to Him. Rather, it is all about loving authentically.  This is what Christmas is all about: selfless love. Whenever we light the fire of love in every heart that is experiencing the darkness of winter, it’s Christmas.  Let us always remember, Christmas originated from the Manger of Christ, and that’s a great manifestation of love for each and every one of us who are waiting for His coming.

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