Give Love on Christmas Day :)

2014-12-24 23.50.23Merry Christmas Everyone!

The most wonderful time of the year is now on our midst bringing a message of joy and hope to each and every one of us.  As we commemorate the solemn arrival of the Emmanuel in our midst there’s one invitation that we need to be aware of in today’s feast and consider it as our main concern for our lives, i.e. LOVE.  Christmas is all about LOVE.  If there’s no LOVE, there will be no Christmas.  The Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ is the best and the greatest manifestation what Love is all about.  So we need to ask ourselves this question as we celebrate today the Birth of our Lord; have we ever LOVE truly, deeply, and sincerely?  Have we ever expressed love that our Lord Jesus taught to us?  The Story of Jesus’ Birth is not a source for entertaining ourselves with lavish enjoyment and celebration; rather it’s all about going back on our main calling to LOVE despite the fact that we are unworthy and broken.  So, the invitation of Christmas for all of us is TO GIVE LOVE.  Jackson 5 popularized this phrase into a song which manifests what it means TO GIVE LOVE on the Birth of our Lord. Indeed, Christmas calls each and every one of us not just TO GIVE LOVE on the day of Christmas; rather we must never get tired of doing this invitation always and every day.

As we now enjoying and embracing the Spirit of Christmas; let us never forget that the real essence of Christmas is not the sparkling lights that surrounds us, is not Santa Claus, is not the Christmas trees, is not the gifts, is not the food, and is not the parties and celebrations, but LOVE.  It’s only LOVE that could manifest the real essence of Christmas in our hearts.

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