#tidbitsforChristmas (Home)

christmas-house-Wallpaper2It’s so nice to celebrate Christmas with our families, friends, acquaintances, and even our loved ones.  They serve as the reason of what it means to have a complete Christmas because it is really different to celebrate Christmas together with those whom you loved most.  It is already rooted in our nerves to see to it that our presence is connecting with them by way of sharing our smiles, laughters, and cheers.  Our Christmas will never be happy and complete without them even though there’s no giving of gifts and the food is simple.

It’s a sad reality on my part that I am not with my family this coming Christmas.  I miss them so much especially as Christmas is fast-approaching.  It’s a different joy when I am with them celebrating the birth of Jesus.  Now, I am too far to them.  I cannot but be nostalgic about my previous experiences of celebrating Christmas with them.  Henceforth, it’s really a delightful experience to celebrate Christmas with our families, and in this pleasing scenario it adds a good reputation for Christmas as the most wonderful time of the year.

It’s really an unacceptable reality that I am not with them this coming yuletide season.  It’s really a different story when you’re with them in person than greeting them Merry Christmas and saying your best wishes to them with a smile in Facebook, Skype, in chat, SMS, or call.  Although it is a sad reality, I need to be strong and steadfast with my nostalgic tendencies especially now Christmas is near.  In this experience I realize that there’s a time into our lives that to be with our families, friends, acquaintances, and even our loved ones is not permanent and forever.  There’s really a moment for our lives that we need to stand on our own for the sake of a greater good not just for ourselves but also for others.  Yes, it’s natural that we miss them.  I too cannot disregard the fact that I miss them and I long for them.  But, I really need to accept the fact that in life I should learned the art of standing at my own feet.  Although it’s hard to accept this, I should never let my emotions be moved by it because life sooner or later will  not be anymore always between Me and My family, friends, relatives, and acquaintances, but between Me and God.  Again, as I prepare myself with the coming of Jesus, I learned new lesson today, i.e. eventhough Life will never be the same as before, memories will continue to help us to discover that there are things in life which we need to cherish and give importance before it loses.  Eventhough I am not with my family this Christmas, I could still say that my Christmas is complete because they taught the real essence of Christmas, i.e. LOVE, CONCERN, and GRATITUDE.  I am very thankful to them that they taught me these three magical words into my life.

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