#tidbitsforChristmas (There’s Humility in the Manger)

manger2013Why Jesus was born in the manger?  I always encounter this question whenever I gaze and reflect upon the manger of Christ.  If He is the Son of God, why He was born in the manger?  Does God destine it for Him?  Actually, if I will be asked I don’t know the answer.  I don’t know what’s in the mind and in the will of God for Jesus, but the only thing that I perceive in this episode of Jesus’ life is its message for me.  The manger of Christ invites me to consider the most significant thing in life, i.e. humility.  Jesus was born in the manger in order to show to me and to all of us what it means to be humble like Him.  He is the Son of God, but He chose to be ‘like us’.  Simply put, humility of Jesus is not all about prestige, but selfless love; not all about pride, but compassion; and not all about power, but mercy.

I am truly affected by this insight.  To be honest, I am always at the lost whenever I rendered my kindness and service to others.  To brag my achievements in life sometimes is my uncontrolled tendencies once I converse with people. To be recognized is one of my desires in life as I struggle to be good and pleasing, but this is not authentic life.  Authentic life is all about humility, and that’s what I need to ponder.  As I revisit my past experiences, I realized that I lost a lot of true friendships and trusts not because of indifference but pride.  Pride is my mortal enemy, and this is what the manger of Christ would like to remind me, that pride will never be always beneficial in true relationships.

As the Christmas is fast approaching, another lesson in life is revealed to me again by Christ, i.e. starting prioritizing Him as the model of true humility.  Christmas may be described by its colors, carols, garlands, and symbols, but the real Christmas is not on these things, but is in the manger whereby the Child Jesus would like to tell us; ‘learn from me for I am meek and humble of heart’; and that’s Christmas for Him.

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