#tidbitsforChristmas (The Real Santa Claus)

santa_kneeling_at_jesus_mangerWhen December strikes the calendar Santa Claus becomes the center of fascination of those who long for his gifts especially the children.  Before sleeping, little children will always pray that Santa Claus may be able to pass on their windows or chimneys in order to place their desired gifts below their Christmas trees at night before Christmas.  Ho ho ho!  That’s it!  This is his signature voice that trends always when Christmas is near.  Together with his favorite reindeer named Rudolf and the rest of the reindeers and elves, they are considered as the best personalities and personages of Christmas.

But, have you will be going to believe in me that there’s a person greater than Santa Claus?  Actually, there’s really a person greater than Santa Claus and He is the reason why there’s Christmas.  He is no other than Jesus Christ, our Savior, and our Hope.  For me, He is the real Santa Claus; why? Just like Santa Claus, He brought the Gift when He was born in the manger not just for few, but for all.  That gift does not cease its value immediately.  It is something everlasting, joyful, emancipating, and spirit-filled.  The gift that He brought for our salvation is no other than His self.  This is the reason why we celebrate Christmas.  It’s not about the gifts, the food, the decoration, the party, and the music, but the message of hope and joy which the Child Jesus brought to us conveyed through the simplicity of the manger.  So that’s why Christ was born in the manger in order for us to realize that Christmas is not also all about extravagant expending, but it’s all about reuniting, reconciling, and rerouting our hearts with Christ.  It’s simplicity that must trend this coming Christmas because we could only know the real essence of Christmas if and only if we take to consider simplicity as our binoculars in gazing upon Christ unto our hearts.  As we wait for Christmas, let us not be distracted by the colors and the alluring sounds; instead let us allow Christ to add colors and resounds into our hearts.

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