#tidbitsforChristmas (The Ultimate Christmas Gift)

Christmas-Presents-600xWhen I was still a child Christmas time for me is the most wonderful and exciting time of the year because of the gifts.  I love gifts especially when it is given to me during Christmas because it completes my childhood expectation about the spirit of Christmas.  Now that I reached adulthood it seems that gifts do not make any sense to me at all this coming Christmas.  I already received many gifts when I was a child; now it’s my time to give gifts of joy to others especially those who are deprived this Christmas.

Why is it that gifts are very important every Christmas?  Actually, giving gifts may sound acquisitive because of its nature as something materialistic or commercialistic.  But, as I reflect upon this phenomena; giving gifts for me is neither something materialistic nor commercialistic, rather it is the matter of what is inside the heart.  We give gifts not because of the material and the appearance, but because of love, respect, appreciation, gratitude, and joy.  Christmas is joy, so we give gifts in order to share the joy.  We like that each and every one of us are happy celebrating the spirit of Christmas.  Not all gifts are something material, commercial, or merely an appearance; it could also be radiated to good deeds, our presence, or even just our smile that comes from our heart.

To be honest, I don’t have any material thing to give this Christmas.  The only thing that I could give this coming Christmas is my whole self by helping through facilitating in the Christmas Sharing for the poor children that we usually do in our community.  It may sound tiring and time-consuming, but in this act of random kindness, it will be the most beautiful gift that I could ever give for the poor children this Christmas.  Just like when I was a child that I received much during Christmas, now it’s my turn to give gifts this Christmas in a form of service for those who are in need especially the poor children.  With this, I am happy to say that my Christmas is already complete because I will be sharing a smile and hope for the poor children their ultimate hopes, wishes, and dreams for this coming Christmas is to be happy and fulfilled despite the misery and poverty that they endure.

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