#tidbitsforChristmas (Oh Carols!)

Carol_lyrics_476x290Jingle Bells, Carols of the Bells, O Holy Night, Silent Night, etc.  These are some of the popular songs that the children are singing in every house at the start of December.  Here in the Philippines caroling is one of the best manifestations what is Christmas all about for us Filipinos.  It adds color, harmony, and rhythm that gives a chill for our ears that expects for a happy Christmas.  So that’s why Christmas will never be merrier and full of meaning here in the Philippines if there’s no Christmas carols that soothe our hearts to long for a prosperous life guided by Mary’s boy child, Jesus Christ.

I do caroling since when I was a child.  Together with the band of childhood friends, we went around the busy street of Pasay, going house to house just to sing a Christmas carol and asked for a pamasko in order to appease our efforts in singing though it was out of tune with the accompaniment of tambourine made from flattened bottle cap, stainless spoon and fork, and a drum made from old milk cans.  I miss those days especially when you were already happy receiving coins and candies from your hard work in singing a Christmas carol.  Now that I am advancing in age and wisdom those days are now memories into my heart and mind.  As I am facing and struggling all the stress and preparations this coming Christmas, I always long to be a child again simply expecting for a joy and happy Christmas, simply singing the Christmas songs, and have no worries at all to wait for Christmas.

Revisiting my childhood experiences during December-the so-called “Christmas month” reminds me of something that I really need to consider into my life; everything changes but life’s lesson will always be forever the same.  Though I feel nostalgic at this present moment seeing little children singing Christmas carols in different houses, I am proud that I experienced it.  It means to say, I became part of what it means to give a meaning for Christmas.  Hence, caroling is not on the songs we sing, on the value of money we receive, or on the candies that collect and hide on our pockets but rather caroling is all about sharing the light of Christmas that comes from the Messiah who is to come despite the cold-dark night that surrounds us and hinders us to see the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts.

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