#tidbitsforChristmas (The Light of Joy)

tumblr_nf21o87QEY1qb9ukto1_500He was not light, but came to testify to the light.

Today is Gaudete Sunday and it invites us to rejoice and not anymore to wear a long face because the coming of the Lord is near.  In today’s reading the Prophet Isaiah introduces to us what it means to rejoice for the coming of the Lord and what will be the prospect of His coming, i.e. to bring glad tidings to the poor.  But, this will only be realized and recognized if we acknowledge and believe in the Light.  What does it mean for us?  Why the Third Sunday of Advent focuses about the Light?  What is the connection of it to Isaiah’s proclamation about the coming and sending of the Messiah for all of us who are expecting for it?

 As I reflected upon the gospel, I realized that the Third Sunday of Advent is not just only all about rejoicing itself, but it is also all about accepting the Light with joy into our hearts.  The delight of the Third Sunday of Advent will only be sensed if we share the joy of the presence of God’s coming into those who are longing and crying for it.  Rejoicing in the Third Sunday of Advent is also all about sharing hope to those who are hopeless, healing the brokenhearted, proclaiming liberty to those who are oppressed and in darkness, and announcing a year of favor from the Lord and a day of vindication by our God through humility and compassion.  These are the manifestations of the Light as we allow ourselves to be enlightened by it and as we also cooperate and collaborate with its clear invitation for all of us.  It’s obvious that when there’s no light, there’s darkness that overcast our capacity to see the goodness of an entity.  It’s the same thing with our lives; when we allow darkness to disturb our capability to aim for good and to do good; it’s absurd to give importance to the voice of the Light that is crying out into our hearts.  So, goodness is not on the appearance, but it is on our conviction to believe in the Light; and that’s the reason why the Third Sunday of Advent is all about rejoicing; rejoicing in the sense of testifying to the Light, and not enjoying without any meaning and significance at all into our lives.

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