Prepare Ye Way

Isaiah403-4-e1368778709947“Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight His paths.”

The last Sunday’s gospel, we once more heard the cry of John the Baptist who prepares the Lord’s way.  We are always hear this invitation coming from the Baptist every Advent, but the question that we must ponder upon as we reflect upon the last Sunday gospel is this; as our ears are already numb in hearing the invitation of John the Baptist, did we already take it seriously?  Do we really prepare the way of the Lord and making straight His paths?  Are we 100% convince about this invitation coming from the Baptist?

What is the way that we should prepare for the coming of the Lord and what are the paths that we should make straight?  This is the question that popped-up into my mind as I reflect upon the Baptist’s invitation for all of us believers of Christ.  Actually, the Baptist does not refer to merely physical order or preparation nor Christmas decorations as our means to anticipate the coming of the Lord; rather it refers about our proper disposition and our capacity to reform our lives for His coming.  Conversion is the theme of the Baptist’s cry for all of us who are longing for the coming of the Messiah.  In life, we are really aware that we are unworthy to face the Messiah who is to come.  There are really lots of shortcomings and failures that we have which hinders us to recognize the face of God.  As I reflect upon the Baptist’s invitation, being in guilt with our loopholes is not a proper attitude and a proper anticipation for expecting the Messiah; it’s all about conversion.  Conversion is not only all about transformation or change itself, but it is all about letting our hearts to be makeover and maneuvered by perseverance, persistence, and optimism.  The question is how to start converting ourselves for the Messiah who is to come?  Conversion is possible into our lives if and only if we forgive ourselves.  Forgiving ourselves testifies what it means to be indulging with the beauty of conversation.  It is also marks the significance of loving ourselves despite the fact that we are nothing and worthless.  Forgiving ourselves is the best preparation for all of us as we ponder in our lives the value of self-conversion for the Messiah who is to come.

It’s really like a long journey as we wait for the Lord’s coming.  The Baptist’s cry reminds us that as we move on in preparing ourselves for the coming of the Messiah let us not forget that Conversion is the key for us to recognize His value and significance into our lives.  We should never be afraid in letting conversion penetrate our hearts.  That’s the only way for us to realize that we cannot seek God unless we forgive ourselves.

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