Why Philippines? Why Filipinos? Why December?

typhoon-ruby-dec-6-updatePhilippines, especially the Visayas and some parts of Luzon and of the Mindanao region is experiencing now the unruly effect of the super typhoon as strong as Haiyan (Yolanda) once again named Hagupit (Ruby).  Is this a curse for all of us Filipinos?  No.  Then, why God allows this thing to happen to us?  This is what I am reflecting right now as I wait for the coming of the onslaught that brings despair, trauma, destruction, and even death.  Why Philippines?  Why Filipinos?  Why December?  These are the many questions that keep on bothering me as I gaze upon the clouds overcasted by the darkness of the day.  But, experiencing this calamity should never leave us trembled and restless.  Though many times we fall, we continue to hope.  Though many times different calamities and tragedies shed us into tears, we don’t forget to laugh and smile.  And, though many times we are being left astray, we continue to move on and keep the faith.

8db76da0-7d03-11e4-af92-b3389e22d885_7dWhy does God allow this to happen to us Filipinos?  At first, I find this question a form of complain against God.  It seems that the calamity we experienced from the past and until this present time are wraths of God which show a kind of vengeance or hatred coming because of the many scandals and shameful issues that our nation had shown to the world.  But, as I deeply reflect upon this question into silence and positively thought about it, I found out something that I need to be proud of as Filipino.  God allow this to happen to us because He wants to show to the world that we Filipinos are resilient and hopeful despite the pangs of the previous super typhoons that had passed into our nation.  For us Filipinos, resilience is not only all about being like a bamboo that can withstand the wind of terror, but it is also all about the capacity to smile still while bearing and enduring the despair of the fuming weather.  While the world is suffering from the culture of desolation, anguish, torment, and depression due to the extensive influence of complexities and pessimisms; we Filipinos, through this worst scenario that we are experiencing right now, would like to show to the world that to hope and to keep the ember of faith into our hearts is still possible despite the horror of this catastrophe that ferociously ravaged our land.

God allow this to happen on us because He wants to show to the world the need for protecting and caring our Mother Earth.  It is self-evident to us that once we disrespect and destroy nature, it strikes back horribly.  There were already a lot of calamities and catastrophes that had happened and passed around the centuries, but the question is do we learn the lesson?  As of today we continue to abuse, misuse, and reduce the value of Nature and its significance into our lives.  Nature cannot be and should not be compromised by profit and commercialization, but the reverse of it is the more favorable than what is proper.  Calling all those who continue to disregard our Mother Nature; please stop it now!  May what we are experiencing right now be an eye-opener for those who continue to be indifferent about the value of Nature.  For those who remain indifferent, may this be a reminder for all of you and also for us; compromising lives for the sake of profit, fame, honor, and glory is strictly evil.

20141205_ruby_evacAs people nowadays are busy in preparing for the coming of Christmas, we Filipinos are busy in preparing ourselves for facing the blitzkrieg of the super typhoon Hagupit (Ruby).  But, why December and why in the spirit of the coming Christmas?  Actually, I don’t have the answer.  Only God knows why He allowed this to happen to us.  The only thing that I knew upon reflecting on it is this; God allow this to happen in order for us and for everybody to exercise goodness by struggling to be generous, compassionate, loving, and merciful to others; and that’s Christmas.  Only through good acts that hoping and keeping the faith is conceivable despite the dread of any ferocious calamities and tragedies.

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