“It’s Going to be Alright!”

b2ap3_thumbnail_hand-on-shoulder-fbOptimism is one of the most essential elements in the life of a person.  We cannot attain inner peace and serenity unless we allow ourselves to be swayed by it.  But I have just noticed why only few people abide on its effects.  Today, it’s obvious that complexities in our world are evident and real.  It’s hard to determine nowadays some aspects that will make our lives better and livelier.  Who is going to be alright and contended in life if you are bombarded with so many complicating principles, insights, and ideas of the world which declare about the quest for a better life but in the end it does not suffice you to be contended, happy, and at peace with yourself and with your life.  Also, the saddest part of being overturned by the complicating principles, insights, and ideas of this world is that you will end up incomplete and pessimistic.

It is really so sad to know that only few people recognize the beauty and significance of optimism in life.  Every time that I am reflecting upon this phenomena that is happening today, I cannot but ask myself why is it that the world is so filled with negativities?  Why is it hard to move on in life positively when pessimistic mentality does not guarantee it?  As I was deeply reflecting upon these questions which bothered my mind, one of my friends tap my shoulder and said, “It’s going to be alright! It’s going to be alright!”

Indeed, even though life today is full of pessimisms, disapprovals, and viciousness there’s still light that will still make our existence evocative cheerfully and positively.  Though only few recognize it, it does not expire.  It exists continuously and outshines brightly so as to be more convincing for those who are living in darkness.  However, it will only be more convincing if and only if we show and express it by means of sharing.  Hence, optimism is gift that is meant to be shared to those who long for it.  It is also a good reminder for those who are indifferent and unaware of it.

It’s so nice to imagine our world that despite the many pessimistic entities that are revolving around its corners, the search for optimistic and happy life is still evident and co-exist with our realities.  Thus, life is full of hope and faith when everybody in this world will just say, “It’s going to be alright!  It’s going to be alright!”

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