Passing Time

hussey274Time runs so fast.  Everything moves and changes so swiftly.  Yesterday I was just a boy playing with my favorite toy; now I am a man facing with so many concerns, hopes, aspirations, dreams, and obligations in life.  Life is really progressing.  People come and go.  Days, months, and years are fading so fast.  Everything has changed, and still continuously changing.

There are really massive differences as I compare my past, my present, and the future that I will be facing before my naked eyes.  It’s grievous into our lives to waste every life’s opportunity that we encounter despite the hastiness of time.  Wasting a single opportunity in life is already equivalent to remorse.  We really cannot bring back opportunities as well as time, because they not last forever.  Why do I say this?

Actually, as I am reflecting upon the quickness of time, I cannot but ask myself; why it’s hard to defeat time when you need to return every opportunity that you encountered and wasted in life?  The only thing that popped-up into my mind as I contemplate in this question is this; everything in life passes by so fast.

We cannot really control Time.  We cannot turn back the opportunities that we wasted in life.  The only thing that we could do is to accept, be humble, and start all over again.  Hence, it’s very important to cherish every opportunity that we encounter in life.  From this, I realized, living a life in the fullest cannot be attained without opportunities, and opportunities cannot be fathom without Time.  Time may always be rapidly active every day.  The important thing that we should take into consideration is this; when time counts, every opportunities counts.  Wasted opportunities will never be forever repeated as the same as what we encounter.  Every opportunities are like gold just like what time is, so let us not waste it.

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