My Experience as a “WIMPY” blogger (Part 5)

WimpyI have spent many years already in blogging but until now I am not gaining something.  I envy those who truly succeed in their blogging career simply because they have the means to be more consistent and competitive in this activity.  Actually, my wish is that my blog site will be independent in WordPress and make it as my own website in order to gain something for my write-ups which I really thought, reflected, and wrote painstakingly.  Upon looking forward and hoping for my impossible dream in blogging industry, I realized something which opened my eyes and broke my heart into tears of joy and contentment.

As I went through customizing my blog stuffs and reading my old write-ups, I cannot but be distracted by the “likes”.  To be honest, I have just few “likes” and “few comments” in some of my write-ups, but these little things made me realized that even though I am not gaining something in “wasting” my time for blogging, I have inspired people in my story.  Though they are only few, I considered it as the greatest consolation that I received in my life.  From this inspiration, I believe that blogging is not all about business and a profit-gaining activity, but it’s all about leading, guiding, motivating, and inspiring people to move on into their lives who are being succumbed by the vicious cycle of monotonies and complexities of this generation.  Although I have still this longing to be at least gain something in blogging, to inspire someone and be appreciated by the blogs that you did is already enough for me to be proud of my efforts and my great attentiveness in blogging.

Indeed, to lead, to guide, to motivate, and to inspire people with my stories is the greatest achievement that I have ever experienced in my life as a blogger.  Whenever my write-ups are being appreciated and acknowledged, I cannot but humble myself.  With this, I realized that there are things in life which are greater than the value of gaining a profit in blogging.  Although I admit that there’s still a longing inside my heart to gain something on the efforts that I am exerting in blogging, I am still happy and contented that even though I am not gaining a cost in blogging, what counts is that I lead, guide, motivate, and inspire people; and it’s priceless.

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