“Let’s do the ‘House Cleaning’ for our Faith”

jesus-and-the-money-changers-e1359124278795Today’s Sunday Gospel we witnessed how Jesus cleanses the Temple which He regarded as his Father’s House.  What make this episode in today’s     Gospel phenomenal taken from the Gospel of John are the words from verse 21; But he was speaking about the temple of his body.

In our day to day living parlance, it is part of our personal hygiene to clean our bodies by taking a bath every day, brushing our teeth, and having a proper grooming in order to avoid unwarranted sicknesses and to be contaminated by harmful diseases.  It’s the same thing with our faith; it must be seen to it that it has to be always refreshed by our attentiveness to the Word of God, through worship, and spiritual and corporal works of mercy.  Unfortunately, it is easy to say than do it because we are prone to forgetfulness and ignorance.  Instead of being consistent with nourishing our faith like what we usually do to our bodies every day, we sometimes tend to be disposed to some distractions and unnecessary things and tendencies that which affects our relationship with God.  The Gospel for this Sunday is a good invitation for us to do a “house cleaning” for our faith by taking and letting out all the unnecessary and distracting things and tendencies that affects our personal relationship with God.  The Gospel is also a good reminder for us to pay attention to our main concerns as believers: Do we still prioritize God despite the many pleasing and alluring interferences and diversions that we encounter into our lives?  Do we still regard Him as the sole reason and the model of our search for Truth and Love in spite of our tendencies to be distracted and lose our focus to Him?  Hence, Let us pray to the Lord that as we reflect and meditate upon His Words today may we be able to realize that God is the first priority into our lives –He who is greater than what we encounter in this fast-changing world.  Let us also pray that He may help us to increase, revive, and rejuvenate our faith despite the fact that we are fragile and have the tendency to be scatterbrained, preoccupied, and forgetful.

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