#tidbitsforlife (You’re Unique in the Eyes of God)

to-be-your-self-in-a-world-being-yourself-quote1Our life is a mission, so we are born with a purpose and reason.  All of us were given by God gifts that will be very useful for our growth and our journey along the path of fulfillment.  In the eyes of God, all of us have potentialities and capacities to live life in the fullest, so we must not be discouraged when others do not believe and appreciate our potentialities and capacities.

As a person who also believes that we are all unique, I am really doing my very best to inculcate within my mind and heart the attitude of appreciating other’s potentialities and capacities.  I believe starting to appreciate other’s potentialities and capacities would motivate them not to be discouraged in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations in life.  Appreciation is a driving force that will lead us into a better perspective in life.  Why is it hard for us to appreciate others?  Because we are fond of looking on their negative sides.  Even the upbringing nowadays, only few of us presents the beauty of optimism and uniqueness to others.  Majority of what the world is offering to our rationality and awareness are all about pessimisms and unpleasant things, so fall into the temptation of the so-called “depreciation” which destroys the dignity and identity of others.

We should not underestimate this emerging factor into our lives.  Let us value the significance of appreciating other’s gift and uniqueness in life.  It’s nice to see people appreciating other people without any barriers of bias and doubt.  Appreciation is a gift that we should not let others be deprived of it.  If God appreciates us despite the fact that we are fragile and limited, let us be like Him who truly appreciates us and considers us as apple of His eyes.

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