#tidbitsforlife (Life’s Miracles)

73c0853fb2844ca4e9b9c6520da50e58Do you want to see miracles in life?  All you need to do is to believe in yourself that you can because God is with you.  When life seems too hard to understand, calm down and stand up.  Nothing will lose if you at least try to start all over again.  Moving on is not a defense mechanism for cowards, but an opportunity to see the true colors of life.  Never give up.  Move on.  Stay positive.  Always be hopeful even though the world deprives you to hope.  Live your dreams by doing it with persistence and perseverance.  Chase them with assurance of joy and contentment.  Don’t always forget into your life that you’re unique despite the fact that you’re weak and insignificant in the eyes of the proud.  Run like a champion in life.  Be courageous in facing the hurdles of your life.  Be not afraid of them because they are opportunities for you to go on.  Despite the fact that you’re broken inside, always remember that you’re being loved and embraced by the Beholder because you are precious in His eyes.  When things are not according to what we expect, let them be and let them go.  There are more important things in life that will make us productive and mature.  Stop wasting your time and energy on those things.  Learn to accept yourself.  Forgive.  Appreciate.  But, don’t forget to pray and ask for God’s compassion and mercy.

When you let these things affect and subdue your life, I assure you, there will be miracles if you only believe.

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