#tidbitsforlife (Truth versus Falsity)

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.The young student was asked to solve a mathematical problem by her teacher; “okay, if you ask your dad 10 bucks and gave it to you, and your mother gave you another 10 bucks, so what’s the amount of your money now?”  The young student answered; “it’s just 5 bucks ma’am”.  His teacher spellbound in his answer; “Why 5 bucks?”  So, the young student get her hand and said; “C’mon ma’am let’s go in our house and try to ask my father for 10 bucks and my mother too.  Let’s see if they will give you 10 bucks or not.”

Sounds funny right?  Kidding aside, there’s a lesson that we could learn with this silly story.  Actually when we try to reflect the story it does not say about the foolishness of the student, rather it talks about the battle between truth and falsity.  We cannot deny the fact that we are being engrossed by things that are pleasing in our sights, but sooner or later it will give us discontentment, sadness, and wretchedness.  We also sometimes fall into temptation to be misled by pseudo-facts in order to hide our real self.  Why we have these tendencies?  As I think about it this is what I found out; there’s an inclination within us that we are not at home with ourselves as fragile and weak.  So, we tend to be what we are not and wear a mask in order not to be rejected by others.  Simply we say that we are afraid to be rejected and unappreciated.  Is there any remedy for this occurring negative factor in our lives?  Yes!  The only remedy for it is to learn the art of accepting ourselves.  Acceptance starts from within us.  When we abide ourselves from the encouraging factor of acceptance, for sure, there’s no more hesitation within us and we will surely become sincere, transparent, and true in front of others.  Why wear a mask in front of others if they are also like you; limited, weak, fragile, yet unique and beautiful in the eyes of the Beholder?  We must not be afraid to reveal our true self.  We must also be proud of ourselves despite the fact that we fall short in life.  Just like the young student who has the guts to show to her teacher her real situation. We must also be like her who Have the guts to show to the world who she really is, where did she came from, and what is really her real status in this world; and I assure you it’s not a mortal sin in the sight of God, but it is a grace that we rarely see with our own eyes.

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