#tidbitsforlife (God’s plan is the Best)

150f5c2e052665386fbf67331dfa8a09I would like to share a simple story which I think you already heard before.  One evening, a young boy asked God in his prayers; “Lord please give me a brand new bicycle because all of my friends are always bragging about their new bicycles.  Please Lord, Please Lord, Pleaaassssse!  Grant me a new bicycle…Goodnight!”  When morning came his prayer was not granted by the Lord, so he repeats the same prayer every evening before he goes to sleep.  Unfortunately, God doesn’t grant his prayers and He remained silent with the young boy.  The young boy felt embarrassed and was fed up.  When evening came, the young boy rushed to his room bringing the statue of the Sacred Heart tied with plastic yarns and packaging tapes, kneeling down in front of the crucifix, and prayed; “Lord, if you will not grant my prayer for a new bicycle I will not let your Son, Jesus to be freed from these packaging tapes and plastic yarns!”

From this, story there’s a lesson that we should not always forget as we deepen our relationship with the Lord, i.e. we cannot forced God in order to grant to us what we want in life.  Actually, I cannot but be honest with myself that I fall sometimes with this kind of temptation.  Whenever God is so silent in my personal prayers and encounters in Him I cannot but immediately complain.  Sometimes, I doubt and even putted into suspicions the way how God works in my life.  With this negative attitude, I realized that the more I complain, doubt, and distrust the providence of God, the more my sight is being hindered to see the big picture of His graciousness and mercy.  Hence, He is not the reason why I continuously complain about the damns of my life, but it is still because of my own selfish desires.  As I continue to reflect upon the story this is what I learned; I cannot really force God to grant me all that I want and expect, because God knows what is the best for me.  Indeed, it is greater than what I ask and more special than I expect.  The only thing that I should do is to believe and be patient because any miracle will happen when I will just believe and learn the art of patience into my life.

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