#tidbitsforlife (Living Life to the Fullest)

living-life-to-the-fullestIt’s really hard to live life in the fullest nowadays.  Everything is becoming complicated and uneasy.  The influx of advancement and the rapid change of lifestyles offer us different sets of direction really confusing and intriguing.  Systems of values have been now put into controversies and suspicions due to series of manipulations and miscalculations.  Encountering these never-ending events that are happening in our today’s era, is there a place still for laughter and for joy?  Could we still say into our lives that to live life to the fullest is possible despite the difficulties that we encounter in life?  For me, it is still possible if you’ll going to make a difference into your life starting today.

Life is like a bunch of stories and testimonies.  Why I said that?  Simply because, we are the authors of our own life stories and testimonies.  But we should not also forget that the main director of our lives is God.  Without the inspiration coming from Him for sure the genre of our lives every day is always melodrama or probably suspense, and that’s what we hate most right!  Even though there are different settings that is emerging nowadays, a happy, hopeful, and joyful stories in our lives is still possible.  Even to laugh in our life stories is still promising despite the pessimisms that are hindering our search for happiness.  Hence, when life seems losing its meaning due to intricacies that surrounds our world today; we should never lose our sight to God’s inspiration in our lives.  Inspiration coming from God is our surest way to see that life is beautiful though difficult.  And as you read this simple reflection of mine about life, I would like to give my friendly reminder to you my dearest reader;  DON’T FORGET TO SMILE 🙂 because SMILE does not only flex our muscles in our faces, but it also gives us an assurance that life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest.

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