#tidbitsforlife (On Regrets, Opportunities, and Moving On)

screen_shot_2013-02-15_at_6.34.09_pmWhen we ignore and disregard opportunities in our lives, the tendency for us is to regret.  According to an unknown author regrets can hold us back and prevent the most wonderful things taking place in our lives.  So, let us not be an easy-going individual when opportunities draw near into our lives.  Welcome it with joy and gladness in our hearts because it brings possibilities that will help us to reach our goals and dreams.  Opportunities should not be wasted; rather it should be used as our guide towards the path of success.

Relating this to my personal experiences, I admit, I wasted a lot of opportunities in life.  I made a lot of excuses in order to keep myself away from the demands of many opportunities that came into my life simply because I am afraid of committing mistakes.  The more I escape myself with the demands of many opportunities that drawing near into my life, the more the feeling of regret, fear, and guilt overshadows my being.  When these things bother me a lot, I cannot but cry and be sorry with myself.  With this experience I realize that every opportunity in life is like gifts that should not be taken for granted.  Though it demands something great we should not be afraid of it.  In every opportunity, demands are just means for us to achieve success in life.  As we do our best to welcome the demands of every opportunity that we encounter in life, let us not forget the words of Brian Adams in his book How to Succeed; “Demands (Difficulties) are opportunities to better things.  They are stepping stones to greater experience.”

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