For Many are Called, but Few are Chosen

chosenLast Sunday gospel enlightened my mind about how God calls us in the ordinary events of our lives.  His call is like an initial invitation for a feast.  We are being called by God every day to partake on it.  Just like what the gospel showed to us yesterday, God assumed in us that we have already formally accepted His initial invitation.  Unfortunately, because of our wrong interpretation of free choice and human freedom, we have the tendency to become more interested in our own affairs than God’s affairs.  Worse still, we mistreat and ignore His call which actually brings answers to our doubts and anxieties in life.

Actually, I cannot excuse myself that I too have the tendency also to be interested in my own affairs than God’s affairs.  Every day He invites me to partake in His plans that He prepared for me, but instead of saying “yes” on it, I let my ears and heart to be distracted and disrupted by the many allurements of the world.  I tend to be self-centered than God-centered.  The more I disregard the invitation of God into my life, the more I become numb with His loving presence into my life.  From this experience I learned that when you lose yourself with the will of God along your journey in life, life seems so complicated and incomplete.  Indeed, many are called but few are chosen.  Why?  It’s because of our fear to commit ourselves with His call.

Many of us responded with His call just like me.  Unfortunately, we do otherwise than what we must supposed to do which is proper to His call.  The best example of it was the man in the gospel who did not wear his best suit for the wedding banquet and thrown away in the darkness where there was wailing and grinding of teeth.  As I reflect upon it, I cannot but be honest with myself that there are times I am not taking seriously the will of God into my life.  So, instead of growing into the light of God’s love, I let myself to be covered by the darkness of sin and temptation to be by myself.  From this Sunday gospel I realize that responding to the invitation of God takes a lot of effort, seriousness, and dedication in order that my decisions and aspirations in life may be in line with it.  It’s hard to move on when there’s no right guides that could only be realized and recognized if and only if we let ourselves to be subdued and be plunged by God’s invitation.

Hence, we are being called by God for a greater purpose in life.  It’s up to us whether we say our “yes” wholeheartedly or halfheartedly.  God respects our freedom, but being careless of our own freedom to choose what is good, pleasing, and perfect for us does not guarantee a life that is bounded in perfect joy and happiness.  Thus the gospel is inviting us to consider the significance of His invitation into our lives that which grant us a better perspective and motivation in life as we journey for reasons and aspirations of our existence here on earth.

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