#tidbitsforlife (On Star-gazing and God’s Consolation)

stargWhen I am down and weary I am fond of gazing on the stars in the evening sky.  As I gaze my eyes towards the magnificence of the stars, I cannot but let my eyes move into tears.  Actually, I consider this experience as a consolation.  Each and every one of us are longing for consolation whenever trials, anxieties, and weariness challenges our lives.  Indeed, I consider it as the beauty of our existence.  Consolation uplifts us, boosts our morale, and strengthens our faith despite the fact that we sometimes fall short in every opportunity we encounter in life.  It also serves as our means to see ourselves unique and significant in the midst of our weaknesses and brokenness.

As I gaze my eyes towards the stars, I cannot but utter the words that comes from my heart; O how good to be consoled by God’s loving embrace when life seems so naive.  And from this I realized that once you open up your heart to the consolation of God’s love it will always grant you courage.  Thus, consolation cast out all fears and burdens in life.  Though we feel unworthy to be consoled, let us not be controlled by our unworthiness, rather let us always consider that through consolation “ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, and ain’t no river wild enough” which would separate us from the goodness of God’s loving kindness.

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