#tidbitsforlife (On the Demands of Love)

he-loves-me-he-loves-me-notWhen love seems too demanding, don’t give up loving.  Being persistent in loving does not make us null and weak, but it makes us aware of ourselves as fragile, yet unique in front of a significant reality called LOVE.  We cannot deny the fact that we really need to plunge with the demands of love in order for us to know and to abide in its distinctive role in our lives.  Hence, there’s no easy way, step, and means for loving.  Loving is always a process and a journey in which the only requirement is to get involved ourselves on it.  But, we cannot get ourselves involved on it unless we master first the remarkable role of persistence in love.  Persistence serves as our driving force when love seems too hard and difficult to attain.  It eases the pains and discouragements that we encounter along the way as we walk towards the path of love.  The real essence of loving is not on the sugar-coated words that we utter when we are in love; it is always a matter of persistence and perseverance.  Even though we fail so many times in showing to others that our love is true and sincere, let us not give up in being persistent lovers.  Only through persistence that we may be able to understand the beauty of true love in one’s heart and soul.  Let us always remember these words when we feel down and hopeless as we do our best in loving honestly and sincerely: Though many times we experience pains and sufferings as we continue to go on loving; let us not be tremble.  It is better for us to continue being persistent and persevering in loving ourselves and our neighbors sincerely and honestly than never.

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