God’s Providential Care

generous-defGod is really a real cheerful giver.  He provides us some gifts of opportunities and abilities that we could use for our growth and for the betterment of our lives.  However, human as we are, instead of using the gifts of God for our growth, we tend to ignore it and use it for our own advantage rather than in service for the Lord.  This is what the Sunday gospel yesterday would like to present to us.  Through the help of the gospel yesterday, we are being reminded that we must be aware of our negative tendency to forget the deeds and the providence of the Lord in our lives.  Everyday God provides us the necessary graces that we need in our daily struggle tirelessly.  We should always consider this into our lives that through the generosity of God we are being loved and nurtured.  As a matter of fact, He does not fail us to share the graces in us because He knows from the bottom of His heart the promptings of our hearts.

Unfortunately, we are the ones who fail Him for so many times as He grants us the necessary graces that we need.  Instead of showing a sense of gratitude to Him, we complain, we neglect, and we forget His graces.  What’s wrong with us?  Why we are too “choosy” and to demanding to Him as we ask His graces for our lives?  Is the grace of God insufficient in our needs and wants in life?  These are the questions that popped-up into my mind as I reflect the gospel for today.  When God asks us for our produce and fruit our labor as we received and used the graces that He granted to us, we cannot give.  Instead, we hide or we disregard it by means of indifference and self-centeredness that bleeds and kills the promptings of the presence of God into our lives.  To be honest, I, too fall on this tendency.  As I examine my life and letting the gospel speaks into my heart, I cannot but accept the fact that I wasted a lot of opportunities into my life which comes from God.  I became obsessed with myself which made me far from what God wants for my life.  Perhaps, this is the sole reason why I am lonely sometimes.  It’s true, and the gospel of today affirms it, that when we wasted a lot of opportunities in life guilt and restlessness comes in an unexpected moment or circumstance of our life.  So from this experience of mine I learned a lesson through the help of the gospel for today; never lose the many opportunities and graces that God has provided into my life.

Hence, the gospel yesterday is very relevant for all of us. We shall not squander the opportunities and the graces that God is giving to us everyday.  In life, just like time, wasted opportunities and graces cannot be anymore replaced by another opportunities and graces.  Everything that God is providing to us everyday is sufficient and overflowing so why not be gratuitous on it instead of complaining and squandering it simply because it does not suffice our expectations and wants?  Let us always remember this; we cannot control the grace of God.  His grace asks as only one thing, i.e. our cooperation and participation for His grace.  A grace that is not having been found its worth on our bare hands is a cheap grace.  God’s grace is neither cheap nor valueless.  It’s up to us whether we want it to be truly providential into our lives or not.

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