#tidbitsforlife (Discouragements)

discouragedWhen life seems too harsh, don’t be immediately get discouraged.  Be patient and continue to move on.  Patience is one of the significant virtues that most of us tend to forget especially when we are distressed and intimidated.  Based on my experience, it is really too hard to be patient in front of a certain dilemma or difficulty that is too tough to bear.  The tendency for me as I deal with it is to feel grouchy, restless, and agitated with problems and difficulties in life will not be a great help and a healthy option.  Being impatient with a certain dilemma in life would sometimes kill the body and soul.  We will not also be always happy when we let it to control our lives and actuations.  So, don’t let impatience rule over our lives.  Let us be calm, serene, and optimistic when we are being tossed by the storms and waves of our problems and difficulties of life.  Let patience teach us the proper attitude of welcoming and appreciating those things which could also serve as our stepping stone in fulfilling our aspirations in life.  So, we must not be panic.  We must learn from the endurance of the bamboo; once it is being tossed by the surge of the wind it bows down calmly until the wind stops.  From this example, let us not forget that doing our best in becoming patient in everything will help us to see a better perspective in life.  But, patience will not be an effective means for living unless we start to consider humility as our starting point to abide with the essence of patience in our lives.

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