#tidbitsforlife (The Quest for Change)

change-4-1imepycThere are so many things in our lives that we need to change and reform especially our own weaknesses which are something innate in us.  As we do our best to change and reform it seriously and sincerely, it seems that it is already an inescapable reality that we fail sometimes as we let ourselves to be subdued by the process of change and reformation.  So, our reaction with that situation when it comes to our lives is to be impatient with ourselves and to give up.  I myself also experienced restlessness in my heart when the situation is already becoming critical and obscure.  From that experience, this is what I realized; change is not a personal affair, but God’s initiative.  We cannot withstand its consequences unless we direct our hearts and minds to the promptings of God’s invitation to transform our lives.  We must always remember whenever we experience difficulties and challenges as we do our best to change and reform our lives, just continue to persevere, don’t give up, and make it also as your little offering to God in order that He may also guide and help us.  Though change may sometimes a burden, always remember also that once you open up everything to God, just believe and everything will be okay and be directed according to what we aspire for in our lives.

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