On Life’s Tensions and Misunderstandings

imageI always believe in the power of holding on with God.  There are a lot of dilemmas passed into my life which I conquered because of the wisdom behind it.  Now, I am in crisis.  The problems and difficulties that I am experiencing right now invite me again to hold on with God.  I am judged wrongly by the people who surround me because they don’t understand me.  Yes, I am an introvert, but I am also doing my best to be an extrovert in order to strike the balance always in my life.  But, this is what I observed; there are really people existing here on earth whose role is to put us down when we are on the peak of our success and joy in life.  Why is this unfortunate scenario an inevitable reality in our life?  Why is there really a tendency for us to experience this thing which depressing and discouraging?

As I reflect upon the questions that popped-up into my mind this is what I realized; life is a series of ups and downs.  In life, there’s a time for us to be happy and enjoy the beauty of it, but there’s also a time for us to be challenged and to be demanded by it.  This one of the instances in our life could be compared to a rubber band.  Tension happens when it is being pulled, but once it is released it goes back to its original form.  It’s the same with our lives.  There are times that we are okay, but there are times that we are in the midst of tensions and misunderstandings.  After the entire crisis in our lives there’s an assurance of hope and starting all over again.   So, to be happy once again is possible if and only if we hold on to God.  Hence, there’s wisdom behind tensions and misunderstandings in life.  A life without tensions and misunderstandings is a life without a sense of direction and fulfillment.  Indeed, we should not be traumatized when life seems not according to it should be.  Just like nature it also needs to strike a balance in order for it to be harmonious and to run smoothly along the way.

There will always be a spark of hope in every crisis that we experience in life.  But, this will only be realized if and only if we hold on to God.  Yes, I am in crisis now but I believe it will cast away because there’s God.  From this, I realized that hope really defines what it means to keep moving on despite the inevitableness of crisis in life.  I just need to keep holding on the same with before and I am confident that soon the storms and waves on my journey along the path of life will be calm with the help of God.

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