The Wisdom of the Two Sons

clipart three menGod loves the least ones.  Why He loves them so much than the righteous, the best among the rest, and the great?  He loves the least ones because they know how to humble themselves.  The Sunday Gospel yesterday has the striking message for me and it’s all about following the will of God.  The Sunday Gospel presented to us yesterday the different instances or episodes of the person on how he/she deals the will of God in the person of the Father and his two sons.  The first son said “No” to the request of the Father to work in the vineyard, but afterwards he obeyed it.  On the contrary, the second son said “Yes” to the request of the Father, but afterwards he didn’t obey it.  These two scenarios in the gospel remind me of my disposition to the will of the Father.  Actually, while reflecting the gospel, I was humbled by it and granted me an assurance of hope and encouragement as I always encounter the many instances of the will of God into my life.  Many times I ignored and took for granted the opportunities that God is giving me always.  When I feel that His will is demanding I avoid it.  But, I have this tendency; how many time I said “No” to invitation of God, I cannot but follow it even though the grudges into my heart pulls me down and blocks me not to follow His invitation.  To my big surprise, as I follow God’s call with grudges and pains into my heart, I didn’t realize that there are good things happening into my life which are beyond my expectations.  Hence, I cannot but utter these words as I always experience this circumstances in my life; “God’s plans and ways are really unfathomable and unpredictable.”

For God, the least ones have the big deal into His heart.  He knows that sometimes He is being betrayed by them, but He still loves them simply because after all the betrayals, He believes that they will really return to Him.  So, He gives space and grace for those who struggle to be good and who embraced conversion into their lives.  Thus, this is what I realized as I let the gospel speak into my heart; For God, it doesn’t matter for Him how many times we fall.  What’s important for Him is how many times we rise up and move on into our life following His call with joy and gladness into our hearts.  God hates sin, but not the sinner.  We should not always forget this as we do our best in listening and following His will here on earth.

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