Good is Dead

77fb642d660fbc545a19525a4322fa05When there’s love, there’s peace.  Is this still a prevalent maxim nowadays?  Does this still serve as a principle of living in the world today?  I guess it is not anymore given an emphasis and consideration by this generation.  Conflicts between nations are becoming worse than ever.  Persecution is now considered as a means for protection and upliftment.  Deprivation and exploitation are now the world’s disease worse than Ebola and HIV.  What’s happening now?  It seems that hope is now hiding on the shadows.  Corruption is now an ordinary lifestyle which cannot be fight back by sincerity and transparency.  Why is there too much evil in our world today?  Why good seems to lose its essence and significance in our lives?  Is this world still a better place to live with?

As I reflect upon these questions quickly passing into my mind, I cannot but doubt with the essence and significance of Good today.  Is this still a relevant entity into our lives?  This is what I observe; as the world continues to complicate things, the more life becomes miserable and unsteady.  As life becomes more miserable and unsteady today, the more Good loses its significance and value into the person’s growth and maturity.  In this observation I realized that it is not the situations or the circumstances today that makes Good irrelevant in the eyes and in the heart of the postmodern person; it is we.  Before we exist in this world, God gave us the rationality and will in order to spread Goodness and glad tidings on earth.  But because of too much self-centeredness and too much radicalism, we thought that we are more capable to do things in our own without the intervention of God, so we interpret Good in different vantage point which speaks not anymore of love, forgiveness, and mercy, but of self-interest, accumulation, thirst of power, and money.  And because of this, Good reciprocated into different names that justifies destruction and annihilation for the sake of convenience and stability.

If Nietzsche said God is dead! For me as I am continuously witnessing the evils of this world Good is dead.  It may sound pessimistic, but this came out into my mind as I reflected upon the evils of today’s world.  It seems that we are now going back to our fate called nihilism.  It seems also that everything is becoming cheap nowadays even virtues and values.  When will these thing end?  The concept of the virtuous man is just like one of the fairy tales in today’s world.  Domination is now the rule of the tongue and the prevailing ideology of the person.  Justice?  Oh I forgot, it is not anymore relevant today because it is now being duped by new concepts which give more favor the I (self) rather than the Thou.  So now, am I encouraging everybody to be hopeless despite the fact that we are being surrounded by the evils of today’s world?  No, we should still remain hopeful because there’s still good here on earth which is invisible to the eyes of today’s generation, i.e. God.  At the end of our struggle here on earth, the Good will still remain victorious and triumphant if and only if today’s generation will realize in their hearts and minds that there’s God-the origin of Good.

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