The Light amidst the hovering Darkness

6a00d8341c7a9f53ef017ee67c0def970dLast Monday, I was reading the gospel taken from Luke which talks about the Parable of the Light.  As I reflected upon the gospel, my mind was struck by one of its verses which go like this; No one who lights a lamp conceals it with a vessel or sets it under a bed; rather, he places it on a lamp stand so that those who enter may see the light.  Hence, this verse that captivated my attention speaks something significant for my life, i.e. to be a light for others.  This verse challenges me to let my light shines before others that they may be able to see in me the good deeds that I have, and from this they may be able to glorify God by my examples.  Actually, the invitation of the gospel for me made me humble.  I am not worthy to be a light for others, but God believes in me so He sends to me this message in a form of enlightenment coming from this verse.  I am not a good example for those who long for God’s love because I do have a lot of shortcomings in life.  Like those who are struggling to be good, I too struggle to be good.  But once God believes and trusts on our limited capacities, it is really a hostile invitation.

Once a light is concealed with a vessel, it will not outshine the darkness obviously.  It’s the same with our lives; once we hide the goodness that we have and that is within us, people will not be able to recognize on us the presence of God in our lives.  We are all good and unique in the eyes of God despite the fact that we are limited and nothing in front of Him.  Unfortunately, it’s hard for us to recognize, to validate, and to be aware of this certainty into our lives, because we are so pessimistic and ashamed with ourselves.

What’s wrong with us?  If we are good and unique why we let ourselves be succumbed by pessimism and absurdities?  All of us are like candles with different characteristics.  God gave us the same light in each and every one of us, but before He gave us the light He invited and urges us to share the same light to others so that others may do the same thing too.  But, human as we are, we tend to forget our duty to share the light.  So the tendency for us is to be afraid of our own dark nights in life and to have suspice others and consider them as alien into our lives and our growth.  Let not our unworthiness affects our duty and capacity to share the light that God has given to us to others.  Let us not hide it and take it as our own property.  Light is tending to be shared so that others may see the beauty of life amidst darkness and frailties.

Let us try to look around us.  What do you see?  There’s beauty around us right even though there are a lot of conflicts that are happening around us.  God shared everything to us, so we enjoy it today just like the light.  The sun is shared by God to everybody and not just for a group of individuals.  When there is darkness, we tend to look for a light in order to outshine the hovering darkness around us.  It’s the same with our life.  God gave us life in order to be shared and not to be abused.  He gave us also reason and will in order to be used for good, and not to use it as a means for harm and personal interest.  Everything that He gave to us is not concealed and hidden into our senses.  Hence, let us do the same thing as God set to us an example of sharing.  It’s nice to see that every one of us enjoys the sun that brings light, joy, and comfort even though darkness is an inescapable reality into our lives.

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