On Loving our Weaknesses and Fragilities

weaknessLooking back to my past experiences, I cannot but ask myself; how far have I give in considering those things and instances in my life which made me aware of my own fragility? Indeed, I could say that somehow I improve, and I cannot also deny the fact that there are things in my life that I really need to pay attention too. As I reflect upon and look back on my past experiences in life, I realize that my own brokenness is not something to be ashamed of, but it is something to be proud of. For me, to be born weak and fragile is a grace because it leads me to see the immensity of God’s love more clearly and more closely if and only if I really accept into my life that I too am weak and broken.

At first, I cannot really accept the fact that I was born weak and fragile like many others because I am afraid to commit mistakes and failures on some aspects in my life. I am a perfectionist before. I would really make sure that everything is okay and according to my standards and expectations. But this is not always the case. I still commit failures and mistakes despite the fact that I really strive to do it well. So, I ended up frustrated in life. From this experience I realize that I cannot please everyone in my own effort and diligence. I am just a limited being who needs to be corrected and to be improved.

Those who say that the weak has no place in this world are those who do not know how to accept and forgive themselves totally. They are those who distort their own identity and are dishonest in front of others. I am proud that I was born weak and fragile. Because of my weaknesses and fragility, I became more considerate towards others. My weaknesses and fragility help me really have a better perspective in life. Hence, St. Paul is right in saying that there’s strength within our weaknesses and fragility, and the only thing that we should do in order to recognize it is to appreciate it and welcome it into our lives.

We should not be terrified whenever one day we realize that we are weak and fragile. Rather, we should be proud of it because though we are weak, God consider us as earthen vessels of His grace. God’s love is sufficient and enough for us even though we are weak and fragile because He does not play favorites. Why we should be ashamed of ourselves if God is so proud to us although we fail Him for so many times? Why doubt with yourself if God considers you as an apple of His eye simply because you are unique? We should not be naive with ourselves; rather we should always remember that even if we are born imperfect God will never abandon us. If God regard us significant into His heart, let us not stumble on the idea that we are nothing; we have something to be happy about despite the fact that we fail so many times. Hence, we should not forget that we are adequately considered unique persons who are full of potentials and capacities even though in some aspects we are bound to be vulnerable.

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