Facing the Giants

We-may-encounter-many-defeats-but-we-must-not-be-defeated.When we lose in facing the “giants” of life we should never surrender.  It’s normal in the game called life that we sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.  Losing is not a discouragement, but it serves as our motivating factor to persevere in battling our own ‘giants” in life.  We should not be afraid when we will be experiencing defeat in our lives because it’s part of our growth as a person who struggles to be happy and fulfilled.  In every defeat that we experience especially the battle over our “giants” in life gives us an assurance to achieve success and victory with a smile in our hearts.  Hence, it is awe-inspiring that we achieve success and victory beginning from our failures and defeats, than giving-up and always cursing ourselves as losers because of misfortunes.

Losing also gives a balance in our day to day living.  God allows it in order for us to understand and recognize humility as a significant aspect of our struggles in life.  Humility is not all about underestimating and depreciating our capacities and ourselves in front of others; rather it is also about accepting the fact that sometimes we need to experience failures and defeats in life in order to gaze perfectly the beauty of success coming from our sweat, tears, and restlessness.  Humility makes us strong though we know that we are weak and incapable with some aspects in life.  It will also make us understand that life is beautiful though sometimes it is demanding and difficult.

Life is like a race; we struggle to run as fast as we can because we have dreams and aspirations in life that we need to chase.  But we cannot deny the fact that sometimes we fall short so we end up losing the race.  With this normal scenario in our lives, I’ve learned a lesson; as we move on with our races especially by defeating our own “giants” in life, we should never yield and give up and give up once we experience failures and defeat in life.  Let us learn how to be humble and will continue the race in spirit-filled.  Believing like we are a champion in life will never occur and be felt in our hearts unless we do our best: first by nurturing and planting the seed of humility into our lives; and second is by winning every battle that we are facing in life.  It will only be possible when we let humility inflame our hearts and minds.

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