Self-emptied Relationship

hands-of-lightOne of the greatest challenges as we involve ourselves into a relationship is to empty ourselves.  It’s hard to commit ourselves in a relationship when we are full of ourselves.  So, the sole requirement in order for us to safeguard and to stay long in our relationship with others is self-emptiness.  But, self-emptiness is not an easy work.  It takes time and effort in order that we may be able to attain it.  It also tests our patience, endurance, and perseverance as we deal on it and abide on its significance.  So, we tend to avoid ourselves from the demands, and we end up disparate and unfulfilled as we expose ourselves in the realm of relationship with sense of self-emptiness ends up in trouble, and worst in unexpected separations.

As we abide ourselves in the circle of relationship let us not forget that self-emptiness has an important role for its betterment.  Authentic relationship begins when every person knows how to open his heart and welcome others without any hesitations and doubts.  When these things are being manifested in our lives, it is easy for us to say that life is beautiful when every relationship is not being subjected to complexities, confusions, and decays.  And so, we should not underestimate the importance of self-emptiness as a requirement for the betterment of every relationship that we encounter in life.  Self-emptiness is like removing our unnecessary baggages into our hearts and we remain the necessary ones which we could also use for the strengthening of the foundation of every relationship that we face as we journey towards the path of happiness and fulfillment.  Self-emptiness is not just a matter of conviction; it is also a matter of the heart that seeks transformation and revitalization.

It’s an undeniable fact that self-emptiness is not an easy work as it pertains to the mastery of ourselves.  It demands change, consistency, and even sacrifices so that we may be able to abide on its invitation.  From this point, I realized that relationship is not just an attribute of a person in order to validate his/her nature as a social being, but it is also a profound aspect for man’s life.  We cannot attain the fullness of our personhood unless we let ourselves to be rooted on authentic relationship by means of self-emptiness.  We are born to be related with one another because according to a great maxim No man is an island.  But our capacity to relate with one another would only be realized if and only if we consider the beauty and essence of self-emptiness that caters the authenticity of every relationship into our lives.  We will not be able to see the essential factor of our capacity as social beings unless we master ourselves by means of self-emptiness.

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