The Search for Inner Silence

solitary yogi on mountThere are a lot of noises in this world that breaks always the inner silence of our hearts.  It is really pleasing and entertaining as we allow it to go inside of our sanity, but as we allow it to meddle into our lives it distracts us and worst it also kills us softly.  It’s so hard to keep ourselves away from the noises of the world nowadays.  It seems that we cannot live the standards of the world without it.  Inner silence is being underestimated by the raging significance and popularity of noise in every facet of today’s lifestyle.  Because of this, real reasons for living and the most important things in life are now hard to be heard and listened.  They seemed to lose their real values and are gradually terminating.  Different voices coming from the different ideologies and principles of today’s generation are now the emerging “superpower” which degrades the previous.  So today, complexities in the different vantage points of life are becoming the occurring disease of this generation.  When inner silence is being undervalued, the scorching noises in sheep’s clothing are becoming the emerging patron for living.

As I reflect upon the phenomenon of noise in man’s life, I was captivated by the insight of Deepak Chopra which speaks about the importance of inner silence.  According to him; Inner silence promotes clarity of mind; it make us value the inner world; it trains us to go inside to the source of peace and inspiration when we faced with problems and challenges.  Indeed, he is right.  Inner silence will make us aware who we are and what is the real purpose of our existence here on earth.  Only in inner silence that will makes us able to recognize the significance of inner peace in our hearts and minds.  Today, we are in a dilemma in validating the role of inner silence into our lives.  We cannot deny the fact that we are being succumbed and controlled by the many noises which are pleasing, yet distracting.  We are also afraid to say “Shut up” or “Back off” in every noises that we encounter into our lives because it is the emerging language of today’s generation compare to inner silence which is labeled by this generation as “churchy” and “a convent thing”.  From this emerging fact, I learned that as the world continue to patronize the noise of the times; more people are being left behind about the important aspect of inner silence in living a better life.  Actually, inner silence is not just “a convent thing” or “churchy”, but it is also a fact of life.  It’s hard to live life in the fullest without the essence of inner silence.  Eastern philosophers would testify that the fullness of life begins when silence has been prioritized and patronized.  Why we should be afraid on inner silence if it brings harmony, serenity, and peace into our hearts and minds?  Why we tend to avoid it if it heals our brokenness inside?  Sometimes we tend to ignore and underestimate those things that we think are not valuable and not in the fad but as time goes by we realized that it has a great relevant and worth into our lives.  So, we end up anxious.

From this I realized what is insignificant in the logic of the world is significant in the eyes of the Beholder.  It’s like the nature of inner silence; insignificant for those who want complications, but significant for those who search meanings in their lives.  The phenomenon of inner silence has to be embraced.  It knows how to value our lives and our existence here on earth.  Insignificant and small it may be, but it brings light for those who are in darkness.  Today, we cannot deny the fact that we are being blinded by the noise around us.  Let us be assured on this assertion; once we let ourselves be indulged with the promptings of inner silence despite the fact that noise is the emerging fad of this generation, there will be no doubt of living a life with peace, stillness, and tranquility because all of this start from the wisdom of inner silence.                        

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