A Mystery called LOVE

love-2When you’re in love it’s indescribable.  Words are insufficient in order to explain the love that beats into our hearts.  As I ponder upon the mystery of love, I asked myself; “can this be love I am feeling right now?”  If this is love that I am feeling right now, why it’s so hard to say “I love you”?  Upon reflecting on these questions that keeps no bothering me, I realized that love is so immense on its meaning which even our words and perception falter to describe it totally.  It is undeniable that love moves in mysterious ways.  We cannot really fathom its real nature and essence when it pervades our hearts.

Love is immeasurable.  It can neither be coerced nor controlled.  It is like a gentle breeze that soothes the fragility of our hearts.  Its significance helps us to see the purpose of our existence here on earth, i.e. to love and be loved.  It is not just a feeling in itself, but it is also a reason, a principle, an insight, an aspect, and a concept which fosters and foretells only one thing in our lives, i.e. God.  God is love, and that’s why we are capable of loving.  There’s no room for hate in God’s heart, because even though in the eyes of the world we are unlovable, but for God we are precious and unique from the deepest recesses of His heart.

If love is a God-given gift imprinted into our hearts, why is there too much hatred in this world?  Why pain is inevitable when we do our best to love sincerely and wholeheartedly?  These questions remind me of something that I also need to consider in life, i.e. the significance of hate and pain in the realm of true love.  We cannot value the essence of love into our lives unless we accept hate and pain as a challenge.  It is only in hate and pain that we are able to recognize love as an important ingredient in yearning for a better life.  Relating these to my personal experiences, the sting of hate and pain are really an inescapable reality.  I was greatly hated by some people around me including my former friends because I am not on their level.  I experienced and suffered intense pains in loving a person who just ignored the efforts that I exerted in order to show to her that my love is true and sincere.  Doing our best to love honestly and sincerely is really tragic and disappointing, but that’s what love is all about.  We cannot love deep within our hearts unless we struggle for the sake of true love.  True love builds on sacrifice.  No matter how many times we are being hated by the people around us and how many times we endure the pains that struck our hearts intensely, we should never stop loving.  Love is our motivation to see the face of God into our lives despite the fact that we are broken inside.  It is our greatest consolation whenever we are not at ease with ourselves. 

As time goes by, these are the words that keeps on popping into my mind; “Never stop loving!  Never stop loving!”  Yes, I should not stop loving.  It is in loving I realize that the best remedy for a trembling heart is love.  Love casts out fear.  Love makes difference.  Despite the fact that to love means to struggle, we should not stop to proclaim into the world, which is full if hate, that love knows what is best for us.  Indeed, love will never stop loving until the end of time.  Only in love that the significance of our existence here on earth can be determined and fully known.

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