On True Peace

10372298_877491715600974_2749421089349832227_nI have a dream that one day I may be able to hear in the news and to read an article in the newspaper that our world is a better place to live not because of its wonderful and magnificent natures and tourists pots but because of love and oneness of the people.  It’s so nice to see people are united, forgiving one another, respecting each other, and loving one another despite the differences of race, color, religion, character, attitudes, and beliefs.  If these are happening in this world, for sure there will be no more threats, hates, violence, war, persecution, and exploitations, and there will be no more doubts and hesitations as we consider our world that would grant us security, protection, and peace.  This is my dream and my hope for our world of today which is now suffering and being bombarded by the different faces of evils and malice.

Why I was able to rethink, resay, and rewrite this topic again which since from the beginning of my blogging career I already blog this impossible dream of mine?  It is because the gospel for today grants us a model of a community bounded in love, forgiveness, humility, and prayer.  The gospel is divided into two scenarios; first, the significance of correction and forgiveness rooted in love within the community, and second, the role of prayer as the essential factor and the firm foundation for the unification of persons within the community.  As I reflect upon the gospel for today, I was spellbound by this insight that immediately came into my mind; “True peace that the world of today longs for is attainable if and only if people of this generation value the role of humble correction and genuine forgiveness that is deeply rooted in love and compassion.”  Indeed, humble correction and genuine forgiveness are the two important elements that is lacking in this world that is struggling to attain true peace.  An old maxim said, “We cannot attain true peace unless we welcome and abide into our hearts first the essence of inner peace.”  How may we be able to attain and to abide the essence of inner peace into our hearts?  The gospel of today provides us a concrete manifestation; the essence of inner peace is possible for one’s heart if and only if we let the spark of humble correction and authentic forgiveness penetrates our hearts.  They are like embers that which brings a great effect once if it is given a great importance and awareness.  So, it is easy for the world to safe guard true peace if every community in the world binds together by the help of humble correction and authentic forgiveness that is deeply rooted in love and compassion.

Reflecting upon the second scenario in the gospel, I remember the famous quotation of the Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton CSC; the family that prays together stays together.  This validates the fact that prayer is not just a mere bubbling of words, but it also makes people united as one family and as one community aiming with the same purpose, i.e. to promote love, peace, and harmony here on earth.  It also binds people despite the diversity of race, character, color, beliefs, religion, and tradition.  So it means to say the real essence of true peace is within the significance of prayer as a binding force that validates Jesus assertion; for where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.  For me, prayer is what the world needs today.  No matter how different the way people pray nowadays it should not defeat the purpose of it, i.e. to make people gather as one family and community who know to share, to forgive, and to love those who are greatly in need of it. 

It is so nice to say “What a wonderful world!” when this is happening and being realized.  But, to be honest, the world is still struggling to stand up on true peace despite the fact that she is enduring the lashes and blows of evil.  It’s a reality that we need to accept, but a means for us not to ignore the two important aspects of peace, i.e. forgiveness that is rooted in love, compassion and prayer.  If these two aspects of peace is given an importance and awareness, for sure true peace is not anymore be a theory or an ideology, but a possibility.  But, these things will never be recognize unless we start applying these two aspects of peace into ourselves.  The triumph of true peace into our world depends on our hands and our hearts.  So, abide on it but don’t ignore it.    


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