The “F” Mark

6863_20121029_151028_317164_431304490252300_2054039335_n[1] (1)Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.Confucius

Each of us doesn’t want to receive the “F” mark in our lives.  This drives us to be mindful on what we are struggling and persevering for in life.  We see to it that everything we do and follow is according to its standards, so that we may be able to avoid conflicts, disappointments, and embarrassments later on.  Simply put, we are afraid of failures.

Since when I was a child I see to it that everything is under control in order to avoid the “F” mark.  I really exerted an effort so that everything that I do is always on the right track.  Until now I am applying the same mindset when I am given a task, but there’s a certain reality that I need to consider, i.e. when we are doing our best along the way, failures are unavoidable no matter how great our effort to free ourselves from it.

We really hate to fail.  We really want that everything we do or we encounter in life runs smoothly and according to its proper disposition.  But, as we go on in life we cannot escape and avoid the reality of failures.  To receive an “F” mark is not a sufficient reason for us to be discouraged to continue to do the best that we could.  It is not an indicator for us to lose hope; rather it reminds us that as we do things perfectly, we should not forget that we are also fragile and prone to commit mistakes and shortcomings.  I have committed a lot of failures in life.  It came also into the point of my life that I became hopeless and restless.  I cried for so many times because it was so hard for me to accept failures when in fact I really exerted my best effort to such a thing that is so important for me.  I thought it was the end of everything, but to my surprise, it brought a new wisdom into my life. 

images (1)From that experience I realized that I should not be afraid of failures.  Failures are really hard to accept, but they really help us when we try to welcome them into our lives.  Failures make us humble.  It also helps us to really see who we are and what our brokenness inside.  Through failures, I am able to appreciate my own uniqueness and also my weaknesses.  I am so lucky that there are failures which constantly remind us of our being limited, yet unique in the eyes of the Beholder.

It doesn’t matter how many failures we encounter in life.  It doesn’t count also the effects of it in our lives.  What matters most is as we encounter failures in life, we are being strengthened by it and we are being motivated by it to love and to accept our brokenness inside.  Though we are not perfect in everything, perfection is possible if and only if we befriend our failures in life.

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