45714_originalWhy do some people can’t accept your sorry even if you are sincere with it and you are really doing your best to change and not going to hurt his/her feelings anymore?  For me, this is the hardest part in a relationship when you want to reconcile with a person whom you love and trust most.  Why hate is always greater than a sincere “Sorry?”  This is what bothers me today.  I am now in a great difficulty to reconcile myself with a friend whom I hurt most.  Our misunderstanding began with a joke.  We are fond of joking one another satirically in Facebook.  I am not aware that it already came into the point that I became imprudent and my jokes already hurt her feelings too much.  In order that she may not be bothered by me anymore, she unfriend me in Facebook.  That gesture of unfriending me in Facebook is a big blow and slap for me; it simply says that she doesn’t want me to be her friend.  I already said sorry to her many times, but it seems nothing happens.  I really did hurt her much and I think it’s impossible for me to reconcile with her.  I feel so sad that I hurt her feelings unintentionally.  It seems I lost a friend that is very good to me.  She hates me now, and I think there’s no room for me to humble myself with her anymore.

From this experience, I learned a lesson that is so important for me and also I need to take into consideration.  The lesson is all about keeping a relationship in good terms and in prudence.  Sometimes, I have this tendency to be vocal with a person especially when I see his/her faults.  I think, this sad reality that I am experiencing right now is an eye-opener for me to be prudent on my words and actions most especially in keeping a relationship in good terms.  It’s so tragic for me that my friendship with her turns into hate and despair.  But I need to accept it as a lesson and as a warning.  Now, I am really doing my best to reconcile with her and hoping that she may be able to forgive all my shortcomings and imprudent jokes.  Now, I learned that not all jokes are pleasing and entertaining; it sometimes kills and bleeds.  So, from this experience I should be cautious enough with my words and actions as how I deal with my friends at another time in order to keep my relationship with them intact and on the right track.   

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