“Loneliness Without Any Reason and Meaning at All”

dealing-with-depressionHave you already experienced being lonely without any reason at all?  To be honest, for the past weeks I am being bothered by this phenomenon.  I don’t even understand why I feel so lonely and terrified.  As I reflect upon it, it seems that everything is okay and running so smoothly, but why am I so lonely?  Sometimes, we really cannot understand the promptings of our hearts.  There are times that it tells us something different that contradicts what we thought is okay or normal in our situation.  Hence, the restlessness of our hearts is inevitable; it always longs for something beyond of what we are enjoying and catering in our actual situation.

To be lonely without any reason at all is a manifestation that we need also to accept and consider restlessness and uncertainty in our lives.  These are facts of life which bother, yet grant us a significant meaning and awareness.  Experiencing it would tell us that we are fragile, yet capable of being a channel of God’s love and mercy for others.  Of course, nobody wants to be lonely, but we should accept the fact that sometimes our lives will be experiencing and encountering the phenomenon called “loneliness without a meaning” in an unexpected circumstances of life.  Does it mean that we should avoid ourselves from experiencing that situation?  Let it be an attention caller and let it flow into our disposition and in our day to day experience.  It simply invites us to be open for possibility to see what’s happening in our lives.  It also helps us to be aware of our heart’s promptings that reminds us of something that is pleasing to our growth and maturity.  From this phenomenon, one thing that we should always remember as we engage our attention and awareness to it, i.e. don’t be afraid.  Loneliness is a reality that comes into our lives in an unexpected way, but we should not be afraid with it.  Let it be and put it into prayer, and you will see the wisdom behind it.  


2 thoughts on ““Loneliness Without Any Reason and Meaning at All”

  1. Some of the greatest insight I have received in life were in moments seemingly lonely. One of the hardest things things in life was embracing the loneliness.Good write-up. #peaceinthequiet.


    1. Thank you for appreciating my write-up. May you find joy in loneliness as you do your very best to embrace it. Believe me, there’s joy within our loneliness in life.


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