My Experience as a “WIMPY” blogger (Part 2)

10320601_10202520834959212_628536414969784514_nIt’s not easy to be a blogger.  Sometimes you really need a lot of patience in order to come up with a topic that will capture the attention of your readers.  There are times that writing something for my blog is too boring because it seems that inspirations does not cooperate well into my mind, heart, and hands.  Words are also seemingly losing its taste and ardor for my sense as I am doing my very best to write something for my blog painstakingly.  From this experience I realized that there’s no easy way to achieve your dreams and aspirations in life.  You really need to go through the process in order to reach it.  Though the process may sometimes be too difficult to take, we mu still continue moving on and doing all the best that we can.  This is what I am doing; even though blogging may sometimes be too boring, I really motivate myself to do it thinking of my purpose and why am I blogging, i.e. to inspire and motivate people through my personal experiences and reflections about life and love.  Though I find blogging not easy and tasking, I am so thankful that some people reads it and appreciates the effort that I am exerting for it, and that’s what fades my hesitation to continue writing my reflections and that motivates my reader.  As I go on into blogging, it’s really nice to go back with your humble beginnings.  I even have dreams and aspirations for my blog.  I too am in need of upgrading my blog site in order that my blogs may cater a lot of readers around the world, but it is not yet fully realized because I don’t have the means.  In spite of this thing that hinders my enthusiasm to keep on blogging, I still go on.  For me it doesn’t matter whether my blog site is highly upgraded; what is more important is that for me not to stop writing and blogging even though few people appreciate what I am doing.  Blogging is my alter ego, and it will always make a harmonious music to all even though few people listens to it well.  

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