Who do you say that I am?

jesus-isWho is Jesus for you?  Do you really know Him despite the fact that you’re travelling on a “broken road” of your life?  Do you really care for Him even though your expectations are not being granted by Him?  To be honest, I, too doesn’t fully understand yet the role of Jesus into my life.  I, too also is still on the process of knowing Him well and His significant role with my being.  As I reflect upon the gospel for this Sunday (Mt. 16:13-20), I remembered one of my dialogue with my Postulant Master nine years ago.  I opened up with him that I am in love with somebody.   I told him also that I am looking always on her Facebook account in order to know her well and also to befriend with her.  In the middle of our conversation, my Postulant Master said; “well it’s normal for your age that you are exerting an effort to know the character and identity of a lady because you fell in love with her, but how about Jesus who falls in love with you; have you tried to know and search about His significant role into your life?  Have you ever thought into your life to read the Bible and let His words of encouragement and love speaks into your life?”  These questions that my Postulant Master told me nine years ago when I was still a Postulant are now coming back to me as a reminder as I reflect upon the gospel for today.  Yes, I love the Lord, and because of love I followed Him, but have I ever tried to deepen my knowledge about Him by means of reading and listening to His words?  Actually, I am really doing my best to know Him deeply, but sometimes I fail because of laziness, boredom, and stress.  So, my knowledge about Jesus is still shallow and not yet deeply rooted and founded in His words.

Even though my knowledge about Him is still shallow and not yet deeply rooted and founded, still I am not discourage to continue doing my best knowing and searching His significant role into my life.  If I always include into my prayer that I love Him with all of my heart, my soul, and my strength, I should also learn to dedicate my life searching and seeking for His great importance with my existence even though uncertainties may come along the way.  May the Lord help and guide me as I will do my very best to know His So Jesus despite the fact that I sometimes fall short in trying to know Him wholeheartedly and sincerely, and also with this I may be able to encourage people that it is not our feeling of loving Him that would go first, but our choice to follow and love Him.

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