On God’s Plan

gods-plansIs life unfair?  When life seems to be not according to what think and expect sometimes we immediately complain.  We want life to follow our own standards, expectations, and wants; but it should not be.  A person who has this kind of mindset ends in desperation, anxiety, depression, and disappointments.  Life should live according to the will of God.

But, we cannot deny the fact that we would like life to be in accordance with our plans.  We also want it to be directed in our dreams and desire.  Unfortunately, we are afraid that our lives will be directed with different plans, dreams, and desires because we are not ready for it and it is not according to our expectations, but, that’s life.  Our life is not under our own control, and only God directs it.  God has His plans, dreams, and desires for us that is greater than our own plans, dreams, and desires.  We end up losers and at lost in our lives because we don’t let God controls our lives.  He knows what is better for because He is the author of our lives.

Gods-PlanEvery day we are encountering a lot of decision-making in our lives.  Sometimes, we thought that we decide something better for our lives, but we ended up sad, unfulfilled, and longing for something beyond what we decided.  What if we ask God today if what is better for your life, and for sure you will find an answer.  Let all your plans, desire, and dreams in life be scrutinized by God and for sure He will make it better and great.  One thing that we should always remember is before you plan and expect something for your own sake, kneel down and ask God if where is He calling you and what is His plan for you.  Then, if you will do it sincerely, for sure your life will be directed according to what God wants and prepared for you.


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