In the Name of Religion

ISIS-truck-convoy-Anbar-ProvinceWhere’s Love in our world today?  As we can see our world today is suffering from violence and persecution.  As what is happening now at Iraq it does not only breaks my heart, but it also gave an impression that the onslaught of violence around the globe is now becoming a worst scenario.  Now, it is already possible for a human person to treat his/her neighbors like pigs.  Even innocent people like children are now becoming victims of unthinkable violence driven by inhuman ideologies and principles.  Is too much violence a solution for the betterment of a nation?  Is persecution a profound mean and a justifiable end in order for a society to attain tolerance and stability?

The commandment “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF” coming from the Divine, seemingly losing its essence and ardor now.  I think every religion around the world has this commandment although explained in different ways, but why there is too much violence and persecution that occurs in every religion?  Why religion despises and persecutes other religions?  Why religions sometimes allow herself to be driven by unjust political propagandas?  The violence and persecution of Christian minorities and other religious minorities in Iraq is one of the many examples of too much hatred and anger reigning in the world.  As I update myself about the situation in Iraq by browsing the newspaper, surfing the internet, and watching the late news, I cannot by cry and be sad about this worse situation of my fellow Christian brothers and sisters and other religious minorities suffering from hunger, thirst, and intense persecution in Iraq.  It’s unthinkable to see Muslim extremist and fundamentalist persecuting the other minorities by means of beheading their innocent children, raping and killing women especially their mothers and daughters, and hanging to death all the men especially the fathers.  Yes, according to the Quran they are infidels, but is it just to treat them like pigs?  Is it lawful for the eyes of Allah to massacre them all?  Why kill in the name of religion?  I can’t imagine what’s happening in our world today.  It seems that the wolves are getting numerous than the lambs.  In order to attain prosperity, to be a furious wolf to your fellow brother or sister is being favored than the law of love.  Where’s love now?  What’s wrong in our world today?  Is this the will of the Divine?

Despite these unacceptable and unthinkable events that are happening in our world today, I believe there’s still hope.  I believe the sun that brings peace and new beginning will rise soon in Iraq which is torn with too much violence, bloodshed, and persecution.  I believe the Good will still remain victor in spite of the many evils that is happening in the world especially in Iraq.  One day I am very sure that the Law of Love will still stand despite the many evils that are trying to pull her down.  After all these evils that is happening in our world today, what will still stay and remain is The Law of Love that will spread hope to those who are restless and hopeless and heal the world from too much violence, bloodshed, and persecution.     

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