The Value of Sacrifice

e555ebf28b566f5df66d860085740a25Sacrifice is one of the values in life that we hate most.  We hate sacrifice, because we are afraid of its consequences.  When sacrifice demands something into our lives, we tend to avoid it or we simply ignore it.  Sometimes, we complain about it, simply because we don’t like to be bothered by it especially when we are already settled and stabled.  That’s why we hide ourselves when sacrifice invites us to partake in its great opportunities.

Why do we need to sacrifice?  What makes it significant and valuable in life?  Reflecting upon all the experiences that I undergone which is related to sacrifice, this is what I learned; we will never know the real meaning and essence of our existence here in this world unless we value the wisdom of sacrifice.  Sacrifice is a one of our ways and means in order to achieve our goals and aspirations in life.  It is also an expression of true love, because true love builds with real sacrifice.  It will never know its real meaning unless we consider the value of sacrifice as a significant factor for our existence.  Sacrifice begins in pain and we should never be afraid, because when there’s pain, there’s gain, and when there’s suffering, there’s fulfillment and trust.

Gary-Thomas-quote-on-SacrificeSacrifice bleeds, but it truly heals.  It may be discouraging at the beginning, but as time goes by, you will see and feel that it really gives a real meaning.  Why should we be afraid of including sacrifice into our lives if it brings real joy and happiness in the end?  Why should we avoid it if it gives us an assurance of real success and contentment?  Nothing in this world is achieved in an instant way, everything begins with sacrifice.  Greatness and excellence is achievable and possible if and only if we consider a single sacrifice as fully packed as it is.  So, it’s hard for us to fully ignore the reality of sacrifice into our lives because every experience that we encounter with our lives is also patterned in every sacrifice that we also experience in life.  So, why should we be afraid of it if it is important and needed for the betterment of our lives?     

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