A Love that “Conquers” Jesus’ Heart

Drouais-Jesus-Heals-Canaanite-Woman“O woman, great is your faith”

Speaking of our faith with the Lord we cannot deny the fact that it’s like we are engaging ourselves always in a game called “wrestling”.  I, myself could testify that Faith is not cheap, but it must be tested and challenge for us to be strong.  Just like Jesus did to the Canaanite woman’s faith; His intention was not to made her desperate and hopeless with her request for Him to heal her daughter, but He was just like to test whether her faith was real and honest.  Indeed, Jesus was able to prove how great the Canaanite woman’s faith, but His expectation was filled with overwhelming awe on how the Canaanite woman expressed her faith splendidly.  Even though her faith had been put into many instances of discouragement, still she did not stop insisting Jesus to heal her daughter.  Her love for her daughter “conquers” Jesus despite the fact that her faith was challenge even if its cause is for her self-respect.

When we loved our faith and offer ourselves and live for it, it will always “conquers” the compassionate Heart of God.  Our relationship with God will not always be forever as a romantic relationship, sometimes we also need to pass into a needle’s eye and to experience being tossed by storms and waves of challenges and difficulties.  But, although our relationship with Him is sometimes may too rough, always remember, just don’t stop believing and loving Him with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our strength.  My experiences would tell me that it’s really challenging to build up a real, sincere, and authentic relationship with the Lord.  I, too experiences also a lot of discouragement and hopelessness which leads me to say “I give up”, but I never gave up.  I kept on believing and loving Him sincerely despite the many hardships that I encountered.  I realized that the more I trust and believe Him sincerely and persistently, the more it deepens my relationship with Him.  Though sometimes our relationship with Him is too discouraging, don’t quit!  Always be persistent, diligent, and patient in believing and loving Him and for sure He will never betray and leave you until the end.     

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