Past is Past

41785-Make-Peace-With-Your-Past“If only I have a time machine, maybe for sure all my mistakes and hasty decisions from the past would be gone.”  This is what we are; longing for a time machine that would help us to correct all our mistakes and hasty decisions that we experience, encounter, and done from the past.  We are also longing for an opportunity that someday we would be able to say into ourselves that “everything is already alright” as we struggle to correct and redirect our shortcomings in life.  We cannot deny the fact that we are easily brought by our disappointing and embarrassing past experiences especially when it caused us great pain and blow into our lives.  Just like you who struggles with this kind of issue, I, too, have this tendency to long for something that will ease my past pains, disappointments, and embarrassments.  I, too, dreamt for an opportunity that someday I would be able to say into my life; “At last, now, everything is already okay.”

Disappointing and embarrassing past experiences in our lives are hard to forget especially if it gave us great pains and blows.  We cannot but cry whenever we remember those miserable things as we go on with our journey towards a better life, but that’s life.  Life is not all about light moments, but it is also needs to be challenged by trials and difficulties in order for it to be authentic.  The real meaning of life is not with the happy moments, but on every tears, sweat, and heartaches that we encounter as we manage ourselves to seek for the meaning and authenticity.  We really cannot deny the fact that difficulties, trials, and challenges are inevitable in life, because we tend to long immediate means that which is impossible for us to think and attain as we do our very best to face the reality of our painful and shameful past experiences.  This reality is undeniable for us because we always long for immediate solutions with our problems and pains in life

Are immediate solutions necessary for us to escape from the reality of pain and shame?  After we attain all the immediate solutions which helped us to stand up for our shortcomings, are we happy enough?  I, too longed for immediate means, but after I attain those things, I remained unhappy and the pains and shames that I experience from the past continues to bother me all the more.  From this learning experience, I realize that not all immediate solutions are helpful for us to ease the pains and shames of our past.  It is on how we face and stand for it humbly and sincerely.

Do you want to know what made me comfortable with my past pains and shames?  It’s through ACCEPTANCE and FORGIVENESS that I am able to be at peace with my past pains and shames in life.

There are two things that we should consider in order to attain a better life, i.e. ACCEPTANCE and FORGIVENESS.  We cannot attain inner peace despite the fact that we fall short sometimes unless we accept our shortcomings humbly and forgive it sincerely.  No one is perfect in this world, but perfection is attainable if you consider the value of ACCEPTANCE and FORGIVENESS into your life.  If you really want to correct your past mistakes and shortcomings in life, learn the wisdom of ACCEPTANCE and FORGIVENESS.  It’s greater than the time machine that you’re imagining when you do your best to face the reality of your past.  Once you learn the value of ACCEPTANCE and FORGIVENESS into your life, then it will be easy for you to know and to determine who you really are and to love your weaknesses and shortcomings in life.


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