There’s Goodness in Mistakes

images (6)One of the things that I hate most in life is to commit mistakes.  Mistakes somehow make me feel inferior and weak.  Whenever and wherever I commit mistakes in life it decreases my enthusiasm to move on.  It is really unavoidable that in every good and pleasant thing that I do and as life goes on, it’s really 100% possible there will be instances or circumstances that I will be committing mistakes.  Why God allowed mistakes in life?  Why in every good that we do, there are also mistakes that we do intentionally or unintentionally?  Is there still goodness in mistakes?

As I go on with my journey towards religious life, there are instances I realized that mistakes are also important in life.  It is with mistakes that we become a better person.  It serves as guide, reminder, and indicators, in order that maturity and growth may become a possible path for us who aspires for it.  God allowed mistakes in life because there is wisdom behind it.  The wisdom would only be known if and only if we accept the reality of it and the fact that to commit mistakes in life is unavoidable.  Actually, there is goodness with mistakes.  If God allowed it, for sure there’s a greater purpose with it.  It is in committing mistakes that we learn the meaning of not giving up and to stand up with courage and steadfast heart.  It is in committing mistake that we realize and recognize the value of accepting and forgiving ourselves.

To be honest, I too committed a lot of mistakes in life.  I too became afraid of not committing the same mistakes in my life again.  But, human as I am, I am prone of committing the same mistakes all over again.  It’s always that annoying and discouraging!  Yet, I did not give up.  I continued to go on with my journey despite the fact that I committed a lot of mistakes in life.  As I am doing my very best to humbly face my mistakes, it seems that I am encourage all the more to move on even though my eyes are falling into tears.

Why God did allowed mistakes in life?  For me, it’s God’s way in order for us to be strengthened.  We are weak and prone to fall short sometimes.  In this reality of ours it is manifested that we really need God that will strengthen us and will help us to move forward.  Mistakes will always be in God’s way because He believes that with our weaknesses there’s strength that inflames our hearts to move on.

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